Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The 50 Most Influential Christians?

Evangelical Outpost highlights this list of the 50 most influential Christians. Yes, at times it is quite cringe-inducing. (Dr. Phil made the list, albeit at #50.) Joel Osteen at #2, ahead of Billy Graham? (My head will now spontaneously combust.) T. D. Jakes was #1 this year.

I'll bet Terry Mattingly over at GetReligion will be pleased to know that Pat Robertson didn't make the cut. So Dr. Phil is a more influential Christian than Pat Robertson!! Somebody needs to tell the Associated Press, so they don't keep trotting him out as their official spokesman for the Evangelical world.

So, anyway, what's the difference between Osteen's teaching and Billy Graham's? (Hint: the centrality of a couple wooden planks and some nails.)

Say it with me: "This is mah hwallet. I am hwhat it sez I am. I can be hwhat it sez I can be."

UPDATE: Jeff the Baptist notes that this list should probably be read as the "50 Loudest Christians" rather than, say, the "50 Best Christians". Volume and influence tend to be in direct proportion...

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KJKEB said...

I have seen the list myself. And I believe a more accurate or appropriate title would be:

"The 50 Most Influential PEOPLE TO Christian in America"

The key factor here is their influence. NOT their Christianity!

Dr. Phil? Sean Hannity?

Influential to Christians? - Yes!

Christians? - I am not sure!