Tuesday, June 29, 2010

why I haven't posted in, like, forever

Last August I finally took a permanent job in the Washington DC area, and at the same time I became the director of music for a church plant. The permanent job has permitted me the financial leeway to do what (as longtime blog readers know) I've been wanting to do forever, which is to record some of my songs at a professional studio. Between my two jobs and trying to get music arranged and recorded, I have had virtually no time to blog about anything.

At the same time, over the last year and a half I've become a total Facebook addict. So despite the fact that I eventually found the "ShareThis" app that lets me post things easily to Blogger, I got into the habit of posting interesting links and opinions to my Facebook page instead of to my blog.

This has had some interesting consequences, including at times vehement comment-thread debates among friends with different perspectives. I posted oh, roughly half a million links about the healthcare debate, and several of my friends did as well. Since that vote took place, Facebook silence all around. We sort of burned out on it. Which, in the grand scheme of things, is probably good for all of us and our relationships.

I may or may not return to posting miscellany on this blog. My time constraints haven't changed, and the only reason I have time to post this is that I'm home sick. But for those of you who occasionally check in here, I wanted to alert you to the Facebook page for my musical project. I'll be updating that frequently as I enter the mixing/mastering stage.



Jeff the Baptist said...

Should we trade facebook info so we can friend each other?

FzxGkJssFrk said...

totally. Hit me up at fzxgkjssfrk at yahoo .

FzxGkJssFrk said...

You don't have to be my friend to "like" the page, FWIW.